Published: 08 Apr 2016

Ford recreates nightmare roads for testing

The number of potholes on the UK roads seems to be increasing by the day and with this in mind Ford has decided to do something about it. At an average cost of over £300 a time to fix alloy wheels, car suspension and tyres, it can be an expensive experience for drivers. Additionally, research has shown that pot holes and poor road conditions account for a third of accidents on Europe’s roads. 

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Located in Lommel, Belgium, the mile long test road is littered with pot holes and ruts as well as 100 other hazards that are found on the roads of Europe and further afield in the USA.

Speaking about the Lommel test facility Eric-Jan Scharlee, durability technical specialist, commented “From a rutted traffic junction in China to a bumpy German side-street, this road is a rogues’ gallery of the most bruising surfaces that our customers might encounter. “By incorporating these real-world hazards into our test facilities, we can develop vehicles equipped to deal with these challenging conditions”.

Under the Ford Continuous Control Damping programme, Pot Hole Mitigation Technology adjusts the suspension to protect it from damage, whilst the Tyre Pressure Monitor alerts the driver to a potential puncture.

Prior to its launch the latest generation of the Ford Transit was drive around the test track more than 5,000 times to replicate 10 years of use in just six months. Other onsite test facilities include salt and mud baths, speed circuit and the ability to test at temperatures from -40oC to 40oC.

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