Published: 10 Nov 2017

Ford reveals mobile phone solution

With the temptation to use your smartphone while behind the wheel always there, Ford has teamed up with Brake to launch a new campaign aimed at reducing usage. Looking to tackle what has become one of the biggest killers on UK roads, the theme is to keep smartphones out of driver’s sight.

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Basing the campaign on renaming the existing glove box as a ‘phone box’, the aim is to remove the impulse to take a glance while driving. With the recent increase in penalties for being caught using a smartphone while on the move, research undertaken has revealed that over 50% of drives admit to using a smartphone on the move, while 37% keep it in view.


Since 2012 there has been a 79% increase in road collisions as the result of using a smartphone behind the wheel, with the number fatalities increasing by 88%. With this in mind Ford has launched a #MyNewPhonebox sticker to remind drivers to put their smartphone away. Available at the annual Ford DSFL event at the London EXCEL between 17 and 19 November 2017, delegates will be able to use the sticker to remind themselves to hide the device.

Speaking out the mobile phone box campaign, Jason Wakeford, Director of Campaigns, Public Affairs and Media for Brake commented: “We provide essential support to people across the UK who, just like Imogen, have been devastated by road collisions. Working with the Ford DSFL programme to educate new drivers on the importance of driver distractions is the great fit for Brake as we see such shocking data on a daily basis. Driving requires 100 per cent of our concentration or the cost could be a human life. This starts with putting your mobile phone out of sight when entering the car”.

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