Published: 01 Aug 2017

Ford set to introduce Quiet Start for Mustang GT

With loud engine noise named as amongst the most annoying sounds in a recent poll, Ford has announced that the 2018 Ford Mustang will have a ‘Good neighbour’ mode to show courtesy to fellow residents when starting up.


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Following a complaint to the police about Steve von Foerster, former head of engineering at Ford Motor Company, starting his Shelby Mustang GT350 early one morning, he had the idea for the new Mustang.  Commenting on the situation von Foerster said “I love the sound of the V8, but it can be loud, and you can’t annoy people like that in your neighbourhood”, he added  “It sounds so cool, but I thought, ‘There has to be a way to give people more control over the engine’s sound.’” What he came up with was Quiet Start.

Allowing drivers to keep engine noise to a minimum, Quite Start has the function of to keep engine sound to minimum between set times and not subject neighbours to the meaty Mustang roar. With the simple to use controls drivers can select when to use the system- for instance between 8.00pm and 7.00am when neighbours are sleeping. Set to be available as part of an active valve performance pack, it will also drivers to select between Quiet mode and Normal, Sport and Track. 

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