Published: 16 Mar 2017

Ford set to launch RS versions of leading SUV models?

With the increase in the SUV market in the UK, it has been previously rumoured that Ford may be looking to roll out the RS performance range across models including the Kuga and Edge. Finally, the rumours may be becoming true.

Ford’s Performance Chief, Dave Pericak, when questioned about the potential of a performance version of a Ford SUV commented that it was definitely “an opportunity” that can be explored. Pushed further about the possibility of the famous RS badge working on the latest 4x4 range he added “If you did what you needed to do to make it perform the way that an RS should, the answer would be sure.”


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With leading manufacturers including Audi, BMW and Porsche offering high performance SUV models, Pericak thinks Ford’s potential version would be a true performance vehicle. Most likely to get the RS SUV makeover is the Ford Kuga, followed by the Edge and possibly the EcoSport. He commented “I think customers love performance. I think the definition of what that means for an SUV might be different than what it means for a Focus or for a Fiesta. But I think that we’ve seen, even in the US, and globally, that people like aggressive-looking cars, they like sporty, they want the power and pick-up and engine improvement, so I think the answer is yes. SUV customers would appreciate performance, for sure.”


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