Published: 07 Nov 2016

Ford Technology continues to improve driving safety

Having been at the cutting edge of technology within the car industry for many years, Ford is continuing to push for safer driving thanks to looking to increase driver aids available across its ranges. 

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A recent survey undertaken by Ford has found that around 25% of all accidents occur in car parks, with half of drivers saying they prefer to travel on long journeys than attempt to parallel park in a car park.  Developing cross traffic alert with braking technology to help reduce the stress of parking, it detects objects and people passing behind a vehicle before warning a driver and automatically applying the brake.

Other technology that Ford has been working on includes warning drivers who travel on the wrong side of a motorway and a system that helps to steer around other vehicles to prevent high speed collisions.

Expected to be available in the UK within the next two years, Ford has tripled its commitment to increasing it driver assistance features. Speaking about the increase in technology within the Ford range, Edmund King, president of the AA commented "Drivers must remain alert and reactive when behind the wheel but assist technology can help”. He added. “There are great benefits in Ford developing new assist technologies which can aid the driver to avoid collisions, spot vulnerable road-users in blind spots or eradicate parking rage by making parking easier."

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