Published: 11 Sep 2017

Ford Transit PHEV testing on UK roads

A new sight on the UK road is a series of Ford Transit Custom PHEV vans undergoing road testing. Looking to meet the demands of UK businesses in achieving low emission standards,  the vans will be tested by leading UK businesses.

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Companies including Heathrow, Transport for London, British Gas and Autoglass will utilise the Transit Custom PHEV in every day tasks before feeding back to Ford. Offering a purely electric range of 31 miles and a total of 310, the PHEV has the capability to switch modes automatically to meet emission criteria.

Cargo capacity is not reduced tanks to clever compartments that hold the lithium-ion batteries under the existing Transit floor. Offering a greater payload capacity than existing electric vehicles, the Ford Transit Custom van is set to be rolled out fully in 2019.

The existing Ford Transit Custom is available at Jennings Ford Transit Centre. For further information about the current Ford commercial range call 0333 414 9750 today.

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