Published: 05 Mar 2014

How much do you know about Ford cars?

Jennings Motor Group takes a look back at some of the most famous Ford cars – how many can you remember? Answers at the bottom of the page.

1: With a history spanning 30 years and six different models, what year was the Ford Escort withdrawn from production?

A: 1998

B: 1999

C: 2000

2: Briefly exported to the USA, which brand was the Ford Sierra launched under?

A: Mekur

B: Scorpio

C: Lincoln

3: Which of the three options below was not a Ford Mondeo performance model?

A: ST24

B: ST170

C: ST220

4: Who helped engineer the most powerful and prestigious Ford Capri?

A: Cosworth

B: Broadspeed

C: Tickford

5: How much power was produced by the legendary Ford Sierra RS Cosworth when first launched in 1986?

A: 204bhp

B: 224bhp

C: 244bhp

6: What was the name of the trick rear suspension setup that gave the Ford Focus excellent handling?

A: Smart Coil

B: Control Blade

C: Precision Dampening System (PDS)

7: Which company did Ford work with to develop the engine for the Ford Puma?

A: Yamaha

B: Mitsubishi

C: Suzuki

8: Which of the below was never released as a RS Turbo?

A: Sierra

B: Escort

C: Fiesta

9: Which of the below was a genuine Ford Fiesta version?

A: Diamond

B: Flight

C: Red Hot

10: Which of the three options below was used to promote the early Ford Cortina?

A: Three Cortinas were converted to rough terrain use and driven from Paris, France to Beijing, China, across Mongolia and Siberia, to prove the cars’ toughness.

B: A Cortina was driven by a stunt driver along two high-wires, strung between the two turrets of Tower Bridge in London.

C: A group of Cortinas was driven down a bobsled course in Cortina d’Ampezzo by a selection of racing drivers.






Answers below - How did you get on?

1: C

2: A

3: B

4: C

5: A

6: B

7: A

8: A

9: B

10: C

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