Published: 27 Oct 2015

James Bond returns in Spectre with epic cars

From the legendary Aston Martin DB5 to the underwater Lotus Esprit S1, James Bond has driven some illustrious cars over the years through several of the most amazing car chases ever seen on the big screen. The latest outing Spectre looks to be no different with James again seen in his faithful Aston Martin. Jennings Motor Group takes a look at what cars can be expected from Daniel Craig’s latest stint as the world’s most famous spy.

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Aston Martin DB10

When a new James Bond film is announced, it is normally what car will he be driving is the first question that we all ask – even before the title of the film. Spectre did not disappoint with the announcement that it would be an Aston Martin DB10. With a V8 engine under the bonnet only 10 have been produced at the Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire, each that will appear in the making of the film. It would not be a James Bond film if he was not seen in an Aston (we will forget about his brief stint driving BMWs).

Jaguar C-X75

Rumoured to have been fitted with a huge 5.0l V8 engine that bursts with 524bhp, the Jaguar C-X75 concept car offers competition on the streets of Rome for the Aston DB10. Equally at home in different conditions the Jaguar will feature in scenes shot in Italy, Mexico and Austria.

Range Rover Sport SVR

Continuing the theme of British cars, the Range Rover Sport SVR is the perfect choice for scenes filmed high up in the snowy Alps. Adding to the excitement is the news that the Range Rover Sport SVR featuring in the film is the most powerful Land Rover ever.  

Land Rover Defender

Featuring mammoth 37-inch off road tyres and bespoke suspension as well as enhanced body protection, this is the car will feature in heavy snow car chases. Powered by a 2.2l four cylinder diesel engine it produced 120 bhp.


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