Published: 30 Oct 2018

Jeep Compass Vs Mazda CX-5

Jeep Compass Limited & Mazda CX-5 Sport Nav

The Jeep Compass and Mazda CX-5 are both considerably large SUV type models both with incredibly similar specifications, but which is preferred?

Engine & Power

While this model of CX-5 may have a slightly larger engine, comparing the 2.2 to the Compass 2.0 Multijet is justified when we look at the specifications, showing it doesn’t lack in the power department. While the Compass certainly doesn’t lack power it still runs just short of the CX-5 sitting at 138bhp, whereas the CX-5 is at 147bph. Off the mark, the Compass is also beaten by the CX-5 in the 0-60 assessment by an incredibly small margin. The Compass comes in at an astounding 9.8 seconds and its competitor 9.6 showing the difference in engine size has a small if any effect on the performance of the vehicle.


Even though this engine is larger it doesn’t particularly mean it is less economical. The Carbon footprint of the CX-5 (128 g/km) is lower than that of the Compass which currently creates 138g/km of emissions and producing just over 50 mpg in comparison to the rather economical CX-5 at 57mpg.
The CX-5 is quite clearly the more economical vehicle of the two as well as being quicker and more powerful so what does the Jeep model have to offer?


The Compass is larger than the CX-5 so in terms of height and width it does depends what the driver would prefer.

Compass Dimensions: L: 4394 x H: 1638 x W: 1874mm
CX-5 Dimensions: L: 4550 x H: 1675 x W: 1840mm

So, the CX-5 does appear to be longer but the Compass wider and higher, making quite the variation in size. The width of the Compass may make it slightly harder to maneuver in comparison but both vehicles are a considerable size! The Compass is higher by quite a margin so in terms of something that will appear bigger the Compass would suit.

The Compass has more of a flowing body type, sitting slightly higher, creating the illusion of a larger vehicle. The CX-5 has more of a Geometric style with strong lines and a longer body, so in terms of exterior design the vehicles are quite different, putting the decision down the personal preference.  

If you need a vehicle with a larger luggage capacity the Jeep Model is more appealing with a boot space of 714 litres whilst the Mazda does only hold 494 litres, so if this is an essential to your usage you may find the Compass is more compatible, however if you’re going to be towing with the vehicle the Mazda will fit the bill. The ‘Unbraked Towing weight’ of the Compass is 1900kg with a regular towing weight of 450kg in comparison to its competitor at 2000kg and 750kg, proving to have quite the pull.

Interior Features 

Again, with almost any new vehicle, both have touchscreen and smartphone connectivity and both display impressive features within the interior.

The CX-5 interior takes a more minimal and stylish approach whereas the Compass has a lot of features on display, however, both have comfort in mind.

The CX -5 may effectively only be Front wheel drive in comparison to its 4WD competitor but the Mazda model displays more technology to compete with this feature. The Mazda All Wheel Drive technology means the vehicle holds an intelligent active torque which shifts the grip and power in the wheels to adapt to new environments. This makes for a more tailored and comfortable driving experience.

The Compass offers limited driver convenience options like lane departure warning, cruise control and collision assist in comparison to the Mazda that offers Smart Brake Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, Traffic Sign Recognition and G-Vectoring control as well and the Jeep features mentioned above. So it seems like the CX-5 may surpass the Jeep model in terms on driver experience as well.

Take a closer look at the range

Verdict: when looking at ecofriendly and getting more for your vehicle the Mazda CX-5 definitely takes the bate! The more economical figures paired with the larger engine prove just how eco-friendly this vehicle is! The sleek minimal visuals and features are an added bonus to the SUV model in comparison to its much bulkier opponent.

To test drive the latest Mazda CX-5 today visit a Jennings Mazda dealership in Middlesbrough or Sunderland. Alternatively, call 0333 414 9750 to speak directly to a Mazda specialist who can arrange a time and date convenient to you.

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