Jennings Motor Group article picked up by national motoring magazine

Posted on 16 Apr 2014

An online article by Jennings Motor Group has been selected by a leading national motoring publication as part of a feature looking at which sex are the best drivers. Research commissioned by Jennings looked into the age old question – ‘Are women better drivers then men?’ and makes the basis for the published editorial.

Jennings Motor Group AutoExpress

Auto Express picked up on the results of the research that found 10 reasons why women are better drivers than men and used it as the basis of an article that appeared in an April 2014 edition of the magazine and on their website. Published by Dennis Publishing Ltd, Auto Express is the leading weekly car magazine in the UK and has a circulation 50,639 with 26,000 weekly paid subscribers. 

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Visit to view the original research editorial.

Jennings Motor Group AutoExpress


Key elements of the Jennings Motor Group research

- 57% of men have been in a crash, compared to only 44% of women drivers

- 46% of men have had a close incident with a pedestrian or cyclist compared to 35% of women.

- When listening to a stereo men are 5% more likely to lose concentration.

- More women have clean driving licenses (68%) - compared to 64% of men.

- 10% of male drivers admit to speeding – compared to 6% of women.

- 1 in 5 men use their mobile phone whilst driving.

- Only 6% of women ignore speed restricted speed limits on roads – whilst 13% of men admit to it.

- Statistics for 2007 show female drivers where involved in 27% less crashes than male drivers.Fewer female drivers admit to verbally abusing other drivers (60% of men – 57% of women).

- Male drivers are 20% more likely to hit an animal than female drivers.


View Auto Express article online

To view the online article visit and add your comments to the findings at the bottom of the page.

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