Published: 15 Aug 2017

Kia celebrates 40 years of the Brisa Pick-up

In 1973 Kia launched the Brisa B-1000 that saw the company move into Korean domestic production. Replacing the three wheel mini-trucks that we released in the 1960’s, it was one of the first automobiles assembled in the country.

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Utilising the newly built Sohari production facility, the Brisa pick-up was the basis for the popular four-door saloon that was to be launched the following year. With success at home, Kia decided to export for the first time when a total of 31 were shipped for sale in the Middle East. 

The triumph of the Brisa in foreign markets lead to the success that we know today and played a vital role in the history of Kia Motors. Followed by a number of successful models, the pick-up helped Kia to grow and thrive into the company that we know today.

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