Published: 07 Nov 2016

Kia Facts You Might Not Know

Kia has been enjoy great success in the UK, thanks in part to the new Kia Sportage, but what do we actually know about the Kia manufacturer? Jennings Motor Group takes a look at facts about the leading car manufacturer. 

Exceptional productivity

With a car produced at a rate of almost 2 cars per minute, Kia’s Hwasung factory produces a million cars a year.  

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Kia translation

In Sino-Korean, the word Kia roughly translates to ‘Rising out of Asia’.

From two wheels to four

Kia started as a manufacturer of bicycles. In 1957 they launched Korean motor scooter, before going into partnership with Honda to create a range of motor cycles.

Three wheelers

It was not until 1974 that Kia produced their first car. Previously, they produced three wheel pick-up trucks before focusing solely on cars in the 1980s.

Lotus partnership

For a one-off partnership with Lotus, Kia helped produce the Lotus Elan.

Award winning

At the 2011 Automotive Brand Contest, Kia won four awards for design. Additional awards have been won for being a global and green company.

Golden oldie

Kia is nearly 70 years old after being found in 1947.

Kia Sportage sales growing

With over 3,000 000 sales throughout the world, the Sportage is Kia’s biggest selling model with sales making up 20% of total sales.

Kia Sportage – Paris Dakar rally

Completing the Paris-Dakar rally saw the Kia Sportage become the first Korean car to achieve the impressive feat.

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