Published: 18 Mar 2015

Kia GT due for 2016 release

With Kia’s history of producing stunning concept cars, they have a lot to live up to with any that they that look to put into full production. The Kia GT performance car is set to go into manufacture in 2016 followed by a showroom release later in the year.  

Based on the Kia GT concept car, the performance coupe is due to be available with a choice of both petrol and diesel engines. As the first dedicated performance model, the GT is a change of direction for Kia that will also see the introduction of the Kia Stinger. Speaking about the impending launches Spencer Cho Head of Overseas Marketing at Kia said “We have very high intentions to put these models into production – we are working on it”. A source close to Kia has revealed that the launch is a done deal.

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The design and body style of the Kia GT is tailored to the two most crucial markets in the growth strategy of Kia – Europe and North America. With a V8 tipped to be a flagship option under the bonnet, the Kia GT taps straight into the American Muscle car principle. Whilst a 2.0l turbocharged engine will also be in the offing through powerful four / six cylinder petrol and diesel engines. 

Kia keeps surprising through innovative design and development. To view the latest Kia range please visit Jennings Motor Group or speak to a member of the Kia team on 0333 414 9750.

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