Published: 08 May 2017

Kia Niro Reviewed by The Guardian

The award-winning Kia Niro has continued to impress the motor industry since it was released in 2016. Whilst undergoing a resent road test The Guardian’s described the Niro as “A family car, it has the lot”. Jennings Motor Group takes a look at takes a look 

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As the first hybrid to join the Kia new car range, the Kia Hybrid combined modern crossover looks and features with the latest fuel efficient technology. Offering a smooth drive and power, the Kia Niro is the un-hybrid hybrid.

Describing the look and feel of the Niro interior The Guardian positively commented “The Niro’s interior is unusually chic, with a lovely wide display, and intuitive controls. It has those hybrid graphics whose visual language nobody understands – arrows going into flows and bar charts going up and down. It makes you feel good, though; green and modern.”   

Summing up The Guardian commented “I didn’t feel at all cramped, possibly because I didn’t go anywhere near the back seat. The boot is fine. The ride is smooth; it takes uneven surfaces with grace, goes where it’s told and accelerates with a Jeevesian obedience – it’s not sure you ought to be going at that speed, but of course it will deliver it for you.”

Kia Niro: Review in numbers

Top speed: £22,795

Acceleration: 0-60mph time 11.1 seconds

Combined fuel consumption: 74.3mpg

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