Published: 04 Nov 2016

Kia Ski Gondola revealed at Motor Show

Continuing Kia’s programme of introducing concept models at the world’s leading motor shows, they have gone one step further with the impressive Kia Sorento Ski Gondola. Designed to transport skies efficiently up and down the slopes combining all-terrain capabilities and autonomous technologies, the ingenious triangular wheels make light work of snowy conditions.

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Controlled by a built in tablet, the entirely self-directed SUV features military-style tank tracks are complemented by jet black leather seating that are outlined in neon orange.

Fitted with external side-view cameras and ultra-bright LED lights to allow riders to see around the concept, the Kia Ski Gondola also features suicide doors for easy access for skiers. Swivelling front seats allows face to face seating that is assisted by the removal of the B pillars. 

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