Published: 28 Jul 2017

Kia Stinger details revealed

Ahead of the official launch of the Kia Stinger later in the year, has revealed details of the specification and performance that can be expected. Offering heart-pounding performance, the All-New Kia Stinger is set to place heavy emphasis on high-speed and long distance driving. 

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Kia Stinger engine options

Available in a selection of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, the All-New Kia Stinger will produce up to 370 horsepower and have a 0-62mph time of a highly impressive 4.9 seconds. Featuring an advanced ‘Launch Control’ function that allows maximum power when accelerating from a standing start, it limits the wheel spin. Through an electronic aid, the Kia Stinger is able to accelerate at a more rapid pace.


Theta II Improved FR 2.0 Turbo GDi

  • Low-medium speed improved Turbo charger
  • Intake CWT
  • Variable intake air flow improved VCM actuator dual relief BSM
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Head for reduction of exhaust temperature

Lambda II 3.3 Twin Turbo GDi

  • D-CWT (intake: centre)
  • Twin Turbo Charger
  • Head integrated exhaust manifold
  • Electronic thermostat

Diesel R2.2

  • Exhaust manifold combined with turbocharger
  • EGR valve
  • Variable displacement oil pump

In order to deliver the highest levels of performance, a new medium-sized rear wheel has been developed exclusively for the Kia Stinger. Featuring a low centre of gravity and stiffness to keep it lightweight, it has reduced flow resistance to the front wheel that offers a engine cooling process that is more effective.

Kia Stinger multiple driving modes

Drivers can opt for the driving mode that best suits the individual driving conditions and requirements. Choose form Eco, Personal, Comfort, Smart and Sport for a truly responsive drive. A boosted NVH performance offers a pleasant ride as well improved sound insulation and body sealing.

Discover the Kia Stinger at Jennings Kia

The order book for the All-New Kia Stinger opens at Jennings Kia on 1 August 2017. For a chance to get up close and personal with the All-New Kia Stinger for the first time visit Jennings Kia in Stockton on Thursday 10 August between 16:30 and 18:00. To find out more information about the Jennings Kia launch event call 0333 414 9750 today.   

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