Published: 09 Jun 2016

Lost car park of luxury cars found in China

Most people who own a luxury car see it as their pride and joy spending even more money to keep in pristine condition. However a car park found in China shows quite the opposite – it has been found full of abandoned luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Audi.

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Images released show millions of pounds worth cars that been abandoned for a considerable period of time and left to be covered by weeds and long grass. The car park in Chengdu, China, is said to contain at least two Land Rovers, two Bentleys, three Mercedes-Benz plus a number of motorbikes.

Dubbed by locals as ‘zombie cars’, each of the Bentleys abandoned are worth at least £300,000 (3 million Yuan) each and are said to be owned by individuals involved directly or indirectly in ongoing criminal cases and can’t be reclaimed by their owners. 

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