Published: 19 Oct 2016

Lower drink driving limit – say 77% of people

A recent survey commissioned by Public Health England has found that 77% of people questioned are in favour of reducing the current drink driving limit. The current maximum of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in England and Wales is one of the highest in the world.

Annually 8,000 are injured and 240 people are killed due to drink driving in the UK. With 60% of those affected other than the driver that is under the influence of alcohol. A reduction of the limit to 50mg has been claimed to reduce these figures by at least 10%. 

See the Jennings Dring Driving Video & Infographic for more information and research.

Reduced limit in Scotland

In December 2014, Scotland moved away from the 80mpg level in the rest of Great Britain to lower the limit on its road to 50mg. Since the reduction was implemented a drop of 12.5% in drink driving offences was recorded in the first nine months. Following the amendment 82% of questioned Scots though drinking any alcohol before driving was unacceptable.

Commenting on the reduction in the limit north of the boarder, Transport Minister, Andrew Jones MP said he would look into the reduced limits impact in Scotland adding “It is important to base our decisions on evidence and the Scottish experience will be crucial to that before we consider any possible changes to the limits in England and Scotland.”

The Department for Transport have since commented that there are no current plans to reduce the drink drive limit in England and Wales.

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