Published: 28 Jun 2016

Mazda ‘G-Vectoring’ set to improve driving experience

As part of Mazda’s continuing programme of continuing to improve comfort and stability new engine technology has been revealed. G-Vectoring Control is a new engine control that limits torque to create smooth transitions between G-forces.

Benefiting drivers when both cornering and on straight road it measures steering wheel movements every five milliseconds controlling the torque. Speaking about the new technology Toru Yoshioka, Integrated Control Systems manager commented “This system encourages the driver to operate the vehicle like an expert driver.” Optimising the vertical load on different corners in the same way as a racing driver does on a corner, the system shifts the load of the car to the front wheels to improve turn in then transfers the load to the rear as the car pulls away.

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Part of a human cantered design philosophy, the GVC system helps your body prepare for cornering and absorbs the movement as you go around a corner. Speaking about the GVC system, Alexander Fritsche explained the system as “simple in theory, but complex to implement”. After six years of development, the new GVC system will complement the current range of SKYactive engines.

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