Published: 31 May 2017

Mazda celebrates 50 years of rotary engines

It is 50 years since Mazda first introduced its revolutionary Rotary engine in 1967. Removing the traditional cylinders that pump up and down or side to side, the rotary engine introduced a spinning triangular shaped piston.

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First seen in the Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S, Mazda’s first sports car, with a total of just 1,176 produced it featured a unique high revving engine that could spin up to an impressive 7,000rpm- far higher than rival sports cars.

A highlight for the Mazda rotary engine is the impressive win at Le Mans in 1991. Use to power the Mazda 787B, during it production life nearly 2,000,000 have been produced and use to power everything from the original sports car to 26 seat buses.

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