Published: 22 Mar 2017

Mazda planning electric vehicle for 2019

With a reputation for continuous development and being at the cutting edge of technology, Mazda are rumoured to be developing a rotary-powered engine for a new electric vehicle. Set to roll out electric vehicle throughout its world markets, Mazda its targeting a 2019 launch.

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Speaking about the possible launch of an electric Mazda, Matsuhiro Tanaka, European R&D manager commented “[A fully electric car] is one of the possibilities we are examining. A small car is best for an EV because bigger vehicles get too heavy with bigger batteries, and that doesn’t make sense for Mazda.” He went on to add any new electric vehicle to rival the Renault Zoe would need to be “a new design, because even though our strategy with it is the same [as our current range], the technology is different. For example, there will be lighter materials”.

Moving further to the future, Mazda sees 2021 as the year for expanding the range further with a number of plug-in hybrid models. Currently the Mazda3 is available as a hybrid option in the Japanese market only, but may see capacity expanded with the introduction of a rotary engine that stores energy via a battery rather than driving the wheels.

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