Published: 07 Sep 2017

Mazda set to electrify new car range by 2035

Mazda has announced that it is set to electrify its new car range by 2035, through a mixture of fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles. Laying out its future plans at the recent Global Tech Forum in Frankfurt, each will include the latest Mazda technology. 

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The first electric technology is set to arrive in 2019 with the introduction of mild hybrid core vehicles, 2019 seeing the first all-electric battery vehicles launches.  A full reveal of the upcoming Mazda electric vehicle range is scheduled to happen next year.

A Plug-In Hybrid vehicle will be entering the range in 2021, following the launch of a full electric vehicle. Explaining why a full EV will be available before a Plug-In, Managing Executive Officer of Mazda Powertrain Development, Ichiro Hirose explained a full EV first makes sense due to regulations in key markets. He added that Mazda needed to “think of a way to introduce its EV vehicles” to entice people away from other brands. An example of this was the recent announcement of the introduction of rotary engine options.

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