Published: 15 Mar 2017

Mirrorless cars to be the future for Kia?

With the innovations continuing at a pace within the industry, are mirrorless cars set to appear on the roads in the near future? For the past few years manufacturers have been photographed testing autonomous vehicles and with this in mind concept cars have been appearing without wing mirrors included.

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The removal of wing mirrors will remove their biggest issue to drivers – the blind spot. One way around this is the introduction of a clever system called a CMS (Camera Monitoring System) that cleverly positions camera around the vehicle giving a 360o view of the exterior via a colour monitor. Obstructions caused by weather and other road vehicles will also be eradicated.

Creating a streamline exterior and a reduction in air resistance, the removal of mirrors will increase fuel efficiency especially at high speed and reduce road noise. Allowing designers to be more creative with their ideas, unconventional designs are set to be more frequent in the future. 

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