Published: 16 Dec 2014

With the recent outstanding success of our Brand New Mitsubishi dealership, we are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to drive away in one of our Demonstration cars.

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When searching for a new car, we understand that the costs can sometimes stretch a bit beyond your reach, but this is opportunity to get a nearly new Mitsubishi at an astonishing price.

Don’t worry about losing out on manufacturer warranty as this is still included when purchasing one of the above ex demo cars. 

All of the above cars are less than 6 months old, so any warranty remains in place.

Our Mitsubishi Demo Clearance gives you huge discounts against the List Price of buying a new car, and although they already have a low number of miles on the clock, our ex demo Mitsubishi cars still perform as well as they did the day they came off of the production line.

As you will see on the above links, each of the above ex demo models come with additional features that you would normally have to add to the cost of the vehicle. Basically, you can get the likes of parking sensors, climate control, privacy glass and styling packs included in the price. Each model is different so please have a look at the detailed Specification for more information.

If you are interested in any of our Demo Clearance offers, please contact us for more information.

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