Published: 10 Mar 2017

Mitsubishi off-roader set for electric edition?

Following on from the success of the award-winning Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, it is rumoured that the Mitsubishi Pajero (branded Shogun in the UK) may be next for the hybrid makeover. As part of the Renault-Nissan alliance, Mitsubishi has access to share expertise and research.

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Speaking about the possibility of Mitsubishi launching an electric version of the off road power horse, Trevor Mann Mitsubishi’s chief operating officer, commented “Obviously that's a brand icon for Mitsubishi. "I think the head and heart discussion is consistent, if you like, with that. How to make this work is something we are working on because that segment is coming increasingly under pressure for CO2 compliance. That's a big heavy vehicle and the other vehicles in the segment are coming increasingly under pressure from a sustainability point of view.”

The new Mitsubishi Pajero could utilise its hybrid electric technology when used within urban areas exploiting inner city charge points, before switching to petrol when off-roading in rural conditions. Mann added "It's a combination of electrification but also lightweight because obviously those vehicles are extremely heavy so you'd have to lightweight them quite substantially," he said. "You'd have to have very efficient powertrains and whether that includes some sort of electrification, plug-in maybe, and whether that would help you make those vehicles work."

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