Published: 12 Dec 2016

Mitsubishi set to celebrate centenary focusing on Electric Vehicles

Making up an impressive 10% of Japan’s GDP, the Mitsubishi Corporation has grown in a immense organisation. Incorporating various different sectors including ship building, beer production, Nikon cameras and banking, as well as car production, Mitsubishi will celebrate its centenary in 2017.

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Mitsubishi Motors is looking to continue the growth in Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) to generate 20% of its vehicle sales annually from this. Looking to target sales of around 200,000, the Outlander PHEV is set to play a key part in Mitsubishi’s smart house. Drawing power for the home via solar panels, the national grid and in a switch, the electric car. If a power blackout did occur, then the power would be sourced from solar panels, with any shortfall  made up by the car battery.

Working in partnership with Nissan and Renault allows Mitsubishi to benefit from an alliance that sells 10,000,000 cars annually including the electric Leaf and Zoe models. For the latest Mitsubishi range visit our Mitsubishi dealership in Middlesbrough or call 0333 414 9750 to speak to a Mitsubishi specialist today. 

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