Published: 04 Apr 2016

Mitsubishi set to launch new SUV every year

Building upon the success of the industry changing Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi is set to go on the attack in the UK with the introduction of a new SUV model every year until 2021. Looking to grow in all areas of the SUV market, Mitsubishi are looking to introduce small, medium as well as large SUVs to the range.

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Defining the plans for Mitsubishi going forward Lance Bradley, UK Managing Director added that they are looking to increase sales to around 45,000 cars every year through a combination of traditional petrol/diesel engines as well as increase the plug-in hybrid vehicles offer.

The new range will include a new Mitsubishi Shogun and Shogun Sport, new Outlander as well as an all-new Mitsubishi SUV that will sit between them in the lineup. Based on the prototype XR-PHEV II that was revealed at the 2015 Geneva motorshow it will have a small petrol engine and a 161bhp hybrid engine to omit only 40g/km of CO2

Looking to position Mitsubishi as a niche electric powered brand, Bradley commented “People know us for selling SUVs with four-wheel drive; now I think we are getting the reputation for selling electric cars. We are not there yet but getting there thanks to the Outlander PHEV and these new models – we will get to a level that is hard for other manufacturers to match”. He added “That’s why I want to move the brand, not quite to a Land Rover level, but to a niche position where we are known for building four-wheel drive SUVs that have electric power. No-one else will be able to say that”.

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