Published: 13 Nov 2013

Smart Phone Apps have helped in everyday life over the past few years – from helping name songs that you have forgot the title of to helping locate the nearest cash machine. But there has been resent increase in Apps to help motorists on their journeys. Jennings Motor Group takes a look at our favourites.

Google Send To Car

This App cleverly sends locations to your sat nav from your home computer. When you are logged into Google Maps using a standard browser simply select your required locations and click to send to your car. Allowing you to keep your eyes on the road, Send To Car saves you from typing locations into your sat nav whilst on the move.


Probably Jennings Motor Group’s favourite, XLR8 allows drivers to turn even the smallest engine car into a super car with the click of a button. Using the handsets GPS and in car entertainment system, the App plays the roar of a Chevy Camaro engine as you accelerate through a car’s speakers. Sadly those outside cannot hear new ‘engine’ unless the windows are wound right down! 


Head up displays usually cost a fortune – this App lets you download one for free! Position your phone on the dashboard and see the road, current speed and directions in front of your eyes on the windscreen. Jennings Motor Group found this particularly helpful in poor conditions such as fog when your eyes are fixed on the road ahead.


This is the App that gets you out of trouble if you get stuck in traffic and you are running late. Working on a similar principle to train or bus arrival boards, the app emails a link to your family and friends with your location, due arrival time and current speed. This allows you to concentrate on driving rather than sending regular location updates to whoever you are due to meet. 

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