Published: 01 Nov 2013

Most Dangerous Roads Revealed

UK’s most dangerous roads revealed

A recent study by the Road Safety Foundation has used accident and traffic data to publish the UK’s most dangerous roads. The higher risk roads included 7 A roads that featured single carriageways – with 7 times the risk of travelling on a motorway and three times that of a dual carriageway. Edmund King, President of the AA stated “Most Most drivers assume that motorways or dual carriageways are the most dangerous roads due to the higher speed of traffic. This report clearly dispels that myth as the risk to road users is now seven times greater on single carriageway A-roads than motorways".

Most dangerous road

A 7.5 mile stretch of the A537 Cat & Fiddle between Buxton and Macclesfield tops that survey has seen 44 fatal or serious crashes between 2007 and 2011, up from 35 in the previous 4 years. Bound by tight bends, rock faces and dry stone walls, the A537 is 9 nine times more dangerous than the average single carriage A road. 

10 most dangerous roads

1. A537 From Macclesfield to Buxton

2. A5012 From A515 (Pikehall) to A6 (Matlock)

3. A682 From M65 J13 (Nelson) to A65 (Long Preston)

4. A621 From A619 (Baslow) to Totley

5. A530 From A525 (Whitchurch) to Nantwich

6. A285 From A27 (Chichester) to Petworth

7. A6075 From A614 (New Ollerton) to A1 (Tuxford)

8. A54 From Congleton to Buxton

9. A5004 From A6 (Whaley Bridge) to Buxton

10. A588 From A585 (Skippool) to Lancaster

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