Published: 12 Nov 2013

The Ford Focus has been a regular sight on the roads up and down the UK since its launch in 1998 when it replaced the Ford Escort. Recently released sales figures show the world’s love of the Focus is continuing to grow year on year.

Sales figures show that the Ford Focus is now the most popular new car in the world, a staggering 509,709 new sales were recorded globally for the first six months of this year. This is an increase of 20% on the same time in the previous year. The six month Focus sales equate to nearly 85,000 sales a month or a staggering 2,740 focuses sold every day throughout the planet. To break it down even further, 114 are sold every hour - nearly two every minute! 

UK sales are also up on the previous year, with 47,675 Focuses sold in the first six months of 2013, an 8.7 increase on the same time in 2012. The Fiesta has also seen impressive sales over the past six months cementing it as the most popular car in the UK and the forth bestselling car in the world. Jim Farley, Ford executive Vice President, global marketing, sales and service commented “This is Ford’s ‘One Ford’ Global strategy at its best: great-looking vehicles with leading fuel economy, leading quality, technology and fun-to-drive personalities”.

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