New Ford Mustang set to join UK police?

Posted on 13 Jun 2016

Following on from the recent launch of the UK right hand drive version of the new Ford Mustang, the 410bhp V8 edition is being tested by police forces with the potential of seeing them used on the roads.

Jennings Motor Group - Ford Mustang Police Car

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A police decaled version of a pre-production car has been used for display purposes at various events, but a black model seen in the pictures has been undergoing testing. At first glance using the Ford Mustang as a police car seems a little extreme, but actually it does make sense. The price tag of around £35,000 for a high powered 410bhp car that will be able to perform well in high speed pursuits is less than the traditional Range Rover or BMW. Additionally, many UK forces uses extensive Ford fleets as their police cars so reduced servicing and maintenance costs can be also achieved. 

Jennings Motor Group - Ford Mustang Police Car

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