Published: 25 Apr 2017

New speeding fines come in to law

A major overhaul of speeding laws and fines in the UK has come into place. Motorists face an increase in the fines received with the message of ‘thinking twice’ before speeding at its centre.

Previously the maximum fine that could be handed out for speeding was set at £1000, but from now this has risen to a new maximum of £2500. The minimum of £100 and three points on your license stays the same.

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Depending on the gravity of the speeding recorded, the fine received will vary. Starting with Band A for those between 1 and 10mph over limit, the fine is set at 25-75% of a weekly wage. Band B is for speeding recorded at 11-21mph over the limit, with fines at 75 to 125%. Finally, a top level of Band C is for speeding 21mph and over the limit with fines set at 125-175% of a weekly wage.

Justifying the changes in the law the sentencing council stated to show a 'clear increase in penalty as the seriousness of offending increases' a change in the law was required, as a 44% increase in recorded speeded offences has occurred in the last five years.

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