Published: 09 Jan 2014

A leading body has found that the quality of the UK roads continues to fall. The World Economic Forum consisting of leading politicians, academics and business leaders has found that the quality has fallen to a lower level than roads in Chile, Cyprus and Croatia. 

Rated equal to Namibia, the UK has fallen four places to 24th based on a survey of 148 economies. Topping the survey was the United Arab Emirates followed by France – bottom was Moldova. A £10.5bn backlog on UK road maintenance has been estimated by local authorities across England and Wales which has been linked to having an effect on industry.  Stephen Radley director of policy at the Engineering Employers Forum is campaigning to improve the standard of UK roads adding “About 6 in 10 companies currently find the road network has an impact in terms of staff recruitment and retention, and also on potential new investment”.

Admitting that the UKs roads had suffered from “decades of underinvestment”, the government said £12bn would be spent on road maintenance during the next parliament including the resurfacing of 80% of key A-roads and motorways and a further 52 congestion relieving projects would be funded. 

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