Published: 05 Dec 2013

UK Road tax disc to be axed

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that the humble tax disc is to be axed after 93 years and will be replaced by an electronic tracking system.  From October 2014, drivers will no longer have to display a physical disc in the window of their car, but be tracked by police using a series of tracking cameras.

Commenting on the announcement the Treasury said this “moved the scheme into a modern age” and added this would “make dealing with government more hassle free”. Currently the majority of evaders are caught using police cameras reading number plates rather than physically looking through a windscreen. In 2012 44million tax disc were issued to UK vehicles with around 800,000 people caught without paying and displaying their tax disc.  

There will be a new option to pay monthly for the new road tax via direct debit instead of the current option of paying for either 6 or 12 months. AA Road Policy head Paul Watters commented on the decision “The tax disc is technically redundant with real-time online records available to the police and other agencies”. The number of visual notifications of road tax evasions has fallen by 75% since 2008.

The current vehicle tax system was introduced in 1920 with the tax disc first appearing the following year. Let Jennings Motor Group know of what you think about the decision.

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