Published: 28 Mar 2017

SEAT to launch larger SUV in 2018

Following on from the success of the recently launched award-winning Ateca, SEAT has been announced that it is to be followed up with the introduction of a lager SUV to the range. Set to be based on the Skoda Kodiaq, five and seven seat versions will see SEAT enter a new area of the SUV market.

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Set to be powered by a range of yet unknown powertrains, they are set to utilise Volkswagen’s extensive engine plant in Wolfsburg. Potential options could include a 1.4TSi 148bhp petrol, 2.0TDi 148bhp and a high performance 2.0TDi 178bhp. Based on the MQB platform, the new SEAT SUV is set to be up to 4.7m in length and will see SEAT move its range about the £30,000 mark.

Speaking about the impending launch Lucas de Meo, SEAT CEO, commented “This car will bring new customers to us, will boost brand image and will have a very big effect on our ability to generate margins. It will be designed in Barcelona and made in Germany. Producing the new SUV in Wolfsburg, in the heart of the Group, will reinforce the ties between SEAT and Volkswagen”.

Auto Car has mocked up what the new SEAT SUV make look like.

The battle for the SUV is set to intensify as manufacturers move to fill the growing demand from consumers; this includes the Ford Edge, Kia Sorrento and Mazda CX-5. For further information about the latest SEAT new car range including the SEAT Ateca, call 0333 414 9750 or visit our SEAT showroom at Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough.

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