Published: 12 Feb 2014

It has been more than a quarter of a century since the last Ford Capri rolled off the factory production line and this got Jennings Motor Group thinking – is it time to bring back the Ford Capri?

Initially launched in the 1960’s the Capri MK I was intended to replicate in Europe the success that the Ford Mustang had seen in North America. After three remodels and 1,886,647 sales the Capri finished production in 1986 leaving a gap in the British car market

The main stay of many a cop drama including The Professionals, the three door Capri was the car that “you always promised yourself” when growing up. Take a look at Autotrader and maybe you now can. Prices are around £6,000 to pick one up – however it may cost a little more to get through the annual MOT. 

Ford Capri to return?

It has been whispered for many years that Ford has been planning a re-launch of the British classic. During an interview Martin Smith design manager said "Our plan was always to get the basic Ford product line-up successful. Now we have done that, we can start to build more exciting products”. But what can be taken from this? Leaked images online purport to show new designs for the Capri but whether they will enter production is unknown.

Jennings Motor Group hopes that the legendary Capri is part of this strategy and will return to the UK roads in the years to come.

Lets start a campaign to bring back the Ford Capri - comment Yes or No to give your view.

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