Published: 24 Sep 2014

It is one of the main decisions when choosing your new car- should you go for a diesel or petrol engine? The market share of diesel cars has grown rapidly recently and accounts of around half of new cars sold. With lower road tax costs and more miles to the gallon, diesel may seem an obvious selection, but it has been in the news recently about potential health risks. Jennings Motor Group takes a look.

Diesel cars can cost more upfront

The initial cost of a diesel car is higher than the petrol equivalent. If you have annual mileage of under 11,000 miles then petrol will mostly be the most economical choice. Average prices and official mpg rates show 10,000 miles costs £274 more in petrol than diesel and can take up to 40,000 miles to recoup the extra £1000 a diesel car may initially cost.

Resale values should be considered when making your choice

The residual value of a diesel car depends largely on the type of car it is. Buyers of larger cars including SUVs and 4x4s typically choose a diesel version for the added torque and economy. This leads to petrol versions being less sought after and usually available at lower prices on the used car market. 

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Diesel engines are not best suited to shorter journeys

When travelling shorter distances that are stop/start in traffic, diesel engine filters can become clogged up. This can affect fuel injection and emission control systems. Regular driving on A roads and motorways help to burn off the particulate soot. 

Diesel omissions can be more harmful

It has been reported that levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and tiny toxic particles has risen in line with the increase of diesel cars over the last 10 to 15 years. Links to health effects has increased the potential for new in taxes including low emission zones prosed in UK cities. 

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