Published: 06 Jan 2014

With its roof covered with 1.5m2 of solar panels, the Ford C-Max Solar Energi is due premier at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With many of the latest cars needing to be plugged in at charging points between journeys, the C-Max Solar Energi uses photovoltaic cells that consume 50% more energy than standard solar panels. 

The efficient solar panels gain the equivalent of four hours of plug in charging and give enough energy to make average length local journeys without using the hybrid petrol engine or plugging into mains electricity. The solar panels use technology similar to the simple magnifying glass with a Fresnal lens that follows the movement of the sun to increase sunlight impact by up to 8 times. When the 21 miles of solar powered travel has been used, it reverts to a hybrid engine that gives the C-Max Solar a range of 621 miles. 


Ford research suggests that around 75% of all journeys made by an average driver could be powered solely by the sun with the technology to be continued to be tested to see if it can be replicated via mass production. For the current Ford C-Max range visit your local branch of Jennings Motor Group

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