Published: 11 May 2017

Study reveals UK’s busiest speed camera locations

A recent study has revealed that the UK’s top ten speed camera locations have racked in a combined total of over £3million over the space of a year. The biggest earner amassed over £1,600 a day from motorists breaking the speed limit.

Located on the A1 Northbound, a camera in Great Ponton Lincolnshire earned £606,400 in 2015 with over 6,000 receiving fines and average fines of £1,661. In second place was a camera located on the M180 near the River Trent and was responsible for a total of £583,000 fines.

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The recent change in speeding fines saw an increase in the maximum that can be awarded. Drivers that caught greatly over the limit can be charged up to 150% of their weekly wage. Speaking about the number of motorists caught by speed cameras, Sergeant Mark D Lucas of the Metropolitan Police, a roads policing specialist commented "Cameras can catch far higher numbers of speeding motorists than traffic police with mobile cameras, and at much lower cost, freeing up police for other duties that cannot be conducted by technology, such as breath-testing”. He added "Cameras will also pay for themselves several times over in the money saved to the economy by preventing deaths and serious injuries. Road crashes were estimated to cost the economy £16.3billion in 2014 due to human costs and costs to emergency, health and criminal justice services." 

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