Published: 14 Nov 2013

Ford Fiesta evolution

The Ford Fiesta has been a regular sight our roads since its launch in 1976. With the recently updated 6th generation Fiesta being the top selling car in the UK with more than 75,000 sold this year alone, Jennings Motor Group thought it was about time to take a look at throughout its history.

Ford Fiesta Mk I 1976-1983

Launched in 1976, the MK 1 Fiesta was sold until 1983 when it was replaced. Starting at £1,856 for the basic 950cc engine, the Fiesta was the first globally successful Ford with front wheel drive.

Ford Fiesta Mk II 1983-1989

First appearing towards the end of 1983, the MKII featured a revised front end and interior. The MkII was also the first Fiesta to be available with a diesel option, using the 1.6 Escort engine. 

Ford Fiesta Mk III 1989-1997

Going on sale in 1988, the MKIII was the first Fiesta to be available in a 5 door version – gaining a major advantage on its main rival – the Vauxhall Nova. With an eight year production life the MK II had the highest yearly sales of any Fiesta and sold over 1,000,000 in the first two years. 

Ford Fiesta Mk IV 1995-2002

Using the Mk III chassis, the 1995 Mk IV Fiesta featured a new suspension system giving the MKIV exceptional handling. The Ford Fiesta MK11 was the last Fiesta to be built at the Dagenham plan before it closed in 2002.

Ford Fiesta MK V 2002-2009

The 2002 MKV was the biggest selling Fiesta to date during its seven year lifespan.  It was the most mechanically advanced Fiesta with Anti-lock brakes and passenger airbags as standard. 

Ford Fiesta MK VI 2008-

First shown at the 2007 Stuttgart Motorshow, the MK VI was launched first hit our roads in 2008 and recently underwent facelift in 2012. The ECOnetic version omits 98g/km of carbon dioxide through reduced weight and aerodynamic adjustments including reducing the height of the car from the road.  

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Comparing the MK I to the latest Ford Fiesta

Watch the video below to see young drivers compare the latest Ford Fiesta to the original 1976 - 1983 model!


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