Published: 06 Nov 2013

Jennings Motor Group has previously looked at the films that feature the most cars destroyed in them. That made us think – what are our favourite vans that have appeared on our screens? Here is the Jennings Motor Group fop five. 

5 Scooby Doo

Originally a cartoon van, the Mystery Machine has appeared in many films, with a Chevy Sports Van or Volkswagen Camper Van used. Helping Shaggy and Co to unravel dastardly plots and unmask monster, the Mystery Machine was voted the top fictional vehicle of all time in a poll by Toys R Us!

4 Ghostbusters

Ok maybe technically a car, Ecto-1 was loaded with all the equipment needed by Peter Venkman and to fight those pesky ghosts. Using a 1959 Cadillac built by the Miller-Meteor company, the original Ecto-1 has been repaired to its former glory after being found in a Sony Pictures storage facility.

3 Only Fools and Horses

The wheels of choice for Trotters Independent Trading was a familiar sight on our TV screens, especially Christmas Day, for many years. In standout bright yellow, the three wheeled van was often called a ‘Reliant Robin’ but was actually a Regal Supervan! Fancy owning own, well boxer Ricky Hatton paid over £44,000 for his ‘back up van’ in 2007. The original is on display at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.

2 Dumb & Dumber

The iconic 1994 film featuring a pair of workshy losers and their dog shaped van. Complete with dog fur, you even had to lift the rear ‘leg’ of the van to add the fuel. Based on a 1984 Ford Ecoline, the pair spent all their money driving hundreds of miles in the wrong direction before dumping it in the middle of the desert!

1 The A Team

The 1983 GMC Vandura and its distinctive red stripe has come legendary over the past 30 years.  With it’s muscled up body and huge alloy wheels, the rear of the van featured many different devices in the back including disguise kits, audio surveillance equipment and a mini printing press. The A Team van featured a grey paint section above the famous red stripe - something that was missed by many toy manufacturers when producing replica vans.

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