Published: 04 Aug 2014

Launched in 1976, the legendary Ford Fiesta has over taken the Ford Escort as the UKs bestselling car. A staggering 4,115,000 Fiestas have been sold in that time – you probably see one every time you go for a drive!

Top Ford Fiesta Facts

1: If all the Ford Fiesta cars sold lined up nose to tail they would stretch almost twice around the coast of Great Britain.

2: If they were placed on top of each ofher the pile would be higher than 650 Mount Everests.

3: The working title for the Ford Fiesta was Bobcat.

4: The base price for the original Ford Fiesta was £1,856.

5: From 1968 to 2000, the Ford Escort was the highest selling car with 4,115,000 units sold – in July 2014 the Fiesta pass it with over 4,115,000 sales achieved.

6: The most popular Fiesta colour is black (17%), closely followed by silver (15%), then blue (13%).

7: 122,000 Fiestas were sold last year – the highest figure for 18 years when in 1996 there were 139,552 sold.

8: During 2013 the Ford Fiesta was the top selling car every month.

9; 65% of Ford Fiestas sold were Zetec, 22% Titanium. 10% Style and 3% ST models during 2013.

10: 67% of Ford Fiesta sales are 5 door versions.

11: Every 86 seconds a Fiesta is made.

12: During the UK MPG marathon a 1.6 litre model clocked a staggering 108mpg over the 340 journey.

13: The new 1litre 140PS version of the Fiesta will have more power per litre than a Bugatti Veyron.

14: An original 1976 model had the same emission levels as 80 current Ford Fiestas.

15: All Ford Fiesta engines are assembled or engineered in the UK.

16: Prior to the Ford Focus being launched in its own right, a Ford Fiesta Focus edition was available in 1995.

17: A Fiesta convertible was built by Kent based company Crayford.

18: 14% of Fiesta buyers opt for the 1.5/1.6 diesel engines, 41% the 1.0 l petrol engine, 36% 1.25 petrol and 9% the 1.6 petrol option.

19: The current 1.0litre 140bhp engine has the same power output as the 1992 1.6l Fiesta RS.

20: The world’s most expensive Ford Fiesta cost a massive £350,000. It was a rally version built by Cumbrian company M-Sport. 

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