Published: 09 Nov 2015

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Explained

Headlines recently have heavily featured the scandal engulfing the Volkswagen Group and the fixing of emission levels that has been uncovered. Identified by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States of America, a defeat device detected when the car was being officially tested and altered the performance including emission levels to improve the recorded results.

VW Emissions Scandal Explained

Over 11 million cars are thought to be affected by the scandal throughout the global including 1.2 million in the UK. The effected engines have been found to be emitting 40 x the legal levels of nitrogen oxide that is legally permitted in the US

To help customers understand what the scandal involves Jennings Motor Group has published an information page looking at what is next for customers and how you can reduce your CO2 levels. It also looks at what to research when buying a new car with petrol, diesel, LPG, biofuels and hybrid engine options now available throughout the car market.

VW Emissions Scandal Explained

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