Published: 27 Feb 2015

What cars do UK politicians drive?

We all think of a Jaguar or other chauffeur  driven vehicles when we think of politicians cars. But what do they drive as their personal cars? Jennings Motor Group takes a look at their cars of choice. Find out more in our houses of carliment interactive infographic.


David Cameron – Honda CRV

Although as Prime Minister David Cameron is often seen in his ministerial Jaguar when on official duty, his family car is a Honda CR-V.  Cameron commented on his choice of car “I am the proud owner of a Honda CR-V and the only thing I don’t like about my job is that I am not allowed to drive anywhere”.

Nick Clegg – Ford Galaxy

The Deputy Prime Minister has had his Ford Galaxy “for many, many years” and was second hand when purchased. Although he has been pictured in electric vehicles as Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Clegg has no plans to trade in his Galaxy as electric vehicles are currently too small for his family and their needs. 

Ed Miliband – Ford Focus

He may be known as Red Ed but a turquoise metallic Ford Focus is Mr Milibands car of choice. His car came to public notice when it was pictured being polished by his cleaner outside the family home in Primrose Hill.

Nigel Farage – Volvo V70

Probably not the car that you would guess the leader of UKIP would choose. The Volvo V70 estate has ample boot space to fit in all of the keen anglers gear when looking to escape the political world.









Leanne Wood – Volkswagen Passat

Plaid Cymru’s first female leader of the Welsh nationalist party drives a VW Passat, a car that is seen as reliable and efficient – just like most German products.









Nicola Sturgeon  

The leader of the SNP does not own her own car but is regularly seen in her ministerial Jaguar XJ,

Natalie Bennett

The Australia born leader of the Green Party is less of a motorist and more of a cyclist. However, as a member of a car club she can hire a car as and when required.

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