Why should I buy a Ford Focus

Posted on 07 Sep 2015
Jennings Motor Group - Why Should I Buy A Ford Focus

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Clever touch screen technology

With the most advanced in-car connectivity system to date from Ford, SYNC2 uses simple voice commands to send text messages, makes phone calls, control the temperature and in-car entertainment. Long boring journeys are now a thing of the past.


Heated Front Screen

Once you use a Ford heated front windscreen you will wonder how you ever got by without one! With the simple press of a button the clever Ford technology quickly melts the snow or ice avoiding the need for scraping or the spraying of de-icer. All whilst sat in the comfort of the driver’s seat!

Jennings Motor Group - Ford Focus Heated Front Windscreen

Fuel efficient motoring

With a choice of award winning engines available across the new Ford Focus range, enjoy up to 74.3 mpg on a combined cycle. The 1.5 diesel engine also omits only 98 g/km and costs £0 road tax per year. The amazing efficiency is helped by clever engine start / stop technology.

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Extensive Ford Focus Accessories

Tailor your Ford Focus to your individual requirements through an extensive range of genuine Ford Focus accessories. Including body kits, rear spoilers, bike racks, alloy wheels and even cool boxes call 0333 414 9750 to find out more,

Jennings Motor Group - Ford Focus Bodykit

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Ken Block likes them

Legendary drifting king Ken Block can be often founds thrashing a Ford Focus RS to the max. This was a prevalent part of the launch of the latest Focus edition when Block put it to the test in front of a live audience.


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