Published: 20 Jul 2015

Why should you buy a Ford Fiesta?

Free Road Tax

With several models across the new Ford Fiesta range currently zero road tax it is an economical car. The new 1L EcoBoost engine delivers only 99g/km of CO2 for tax free driving, whilst the sport Zetec S is only £30 per year as well as offering great fuel efficiency.

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Cheaper insurance

Searching for car insurance is the bane of most motorists – trying to keep the annual renewal as low as possible. The Ford Fiesta Studio and Style are within the first five insurance groups giving cheaper insurance even for drivers new to the road!

Fuel efficient gear changes

Helping to keep rising fuel costs down the Ford Fiesta comes with a clever gear change indicator. When the engine is detected as needing to change up a gear an indicator is illuminated on the dashboard to maximise fuel efficiency.

Auto Stop Start function

Adding to the fuel saving and economical theme of the new Ford Fiesta, Auto Stop Start technology cleverly switches off the Fiesta engine when idol at both traffic lights and stuck in the dreaded traffic jams. Cutting up to 10% from your fuel consumption Auto Stop Start really can be noticed if you largely drive in towns and cities.

Award winning supermini

Since hitting the UK roads the Ford Fiesta has been racking up the awards. Including WhatCar? Best Small Car, WhatCar? Best Hot Hatch (ST), Auto Express Award Best Supermini and Diesel Car Small Car of the Year, the Ford Fiesta get plaudits from many industry leading bodies.

Smart battery re-charging

Using Ford’s clever Smart Regenerative charging the Ford Fiesta battery is only charged when it is needed. Avoiding doing it when the accelerator is pressed to save fuel and reduce emissions, the Ford Fiesta adds to its economical credentials.

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