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Posted on 20 Aug 2013

The world’s best car – a title that every car manufacturer in the world strives for, but only one can achieve. With more than 280 manufacturers around the world, producing a motor that is rated as the number one in the industry is a major achievement.

Every person that you ask will have his or her own opinion as to what the world’s best car is. Some people see the best car as being the one that sells the most; others see it as being the most expensive. However, this is not a popularity contest, nor is it about money; the greatest car on earth is the one that has to get everything right – speed, handling, efficiency, styling, comfort, features, and availability. With each of these factors taken into account, which vehicle has the right to call itself the best car in the world?

World Car of the Year Awards

With a different auto show seemingly every month and new models being released virtually every week, keeping pace with the motor industry is nigh on impossible. Fortunately, we have the World Car of the Year Awards, an annual event dedicated to finding the best car in the world.

In determining the winner, a panel of 48 international automotive journalists from 22 countries draw up a shortlist from which the best car is agreed upon. To be considered for the award, cars must be sold in at least five countries on at least two continents before January 1st in the year of the award.

This year, and for the second time since the award was inaugurated in 2003, the world’s best car was voted as the Volkswagen Golf.

Jennings Motor Group VW Golf

VW Golf

Having been in production since 1974, the VW Golf has become the very best small family car around, receiving five star reviews from Whatcar and Autocar and being voted by Top Gear as the second greatest car of the last 20 years behind the Bugatti Veyron.

The current Mk7 is not only the World Car of the Year, it is also the 2013 European Car of the Year, and the 2013-2014 Car of the Year Japan – the first ever imported car to claim the award.

In creating the Golf, Volkswagen has developed the perfect all-rounder. Every version of the car – from the 1.2 petrol engine to the 2.0 184 GTD – is a dream to drive, offering a comfortable ride, and fantastic control. While the 1.2 petrol and 1.6 diesel motors at the bottom of the Mk7 range are less flashy with less cultured suspension, they are still able to outclass any rival in the hot-hatch market. Body styles come in three- and five-door hatchbacks as well as an estate, with each offering exceptional safety and security, and a decent amount of space. The New Cars at Jennings Motor group include a full range of saloon and hatchback cars.

Every version of the Golf offers a good standard trim level; however, the SE trim is particularly generous, with alloy wheels, automatic wipers and lights, cruise control, City Emergency Braking System, and smart interior trim, helping add a real look of superiority. The latest Used Cars include the VW Golf at Jennings Motor Group.

The Volkswagen Golf is not only the best its own class; it is the best in any class

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