Hi, I have a Ford Galaxy 1.9tdi P-reg. Last year (May...


Hi, I have a Ford Galaxy 1.9tdi P-reg. Last year (May 2006) I spent nearly £1000 getting te brake system repaired \ replaced at my local ATS. Now that the cold weather has come the brake cable and calipers are freezing on making it impossible to use the car until midday (which is no good for my wifes school run). ATS are saying that the cable was not replaced as part of the works and that they do not do this as it is a pain in the backside to do on a Galaxy. Do you think this is a reasonable response or should I pursue it further with them. I'm rather angry at having spent such a large amount of money only to be left with a car that won't work in Winter. Regards, Ian Lawrence


I feel this is a poor response to a reasonable request from yourself, it may need you to talk to the Manager of ATS os the area Manager if that fails

Asked on 07 Feb 2007

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