RE: Hi, I've recently bought an S reg (1999) Focus 2....


RE: Hi, I've recently bought an S reg (1999) Focus 2.0 petrol Ghia. It was advertised as having ABS but have since found that either it doesn't or it's not working. Does this year & spec of Focus normally have ABS fitted and if it doesn't, how easy is it to get it? Kind Regards, A. Answer Hi can you tell me the registration number so i can cehck with ford Many thanks for your reply. The Registration no is S507 GHU. (Is it possible not to put this in yoiur reply please? Many thanks, A.


yes some vehicles have ABS as standard on your type of vehicle, your registration is not on file with Ford so can not check the specification. it would not be cost effective to retrofit ABS if it is not fitted, any Ford dealer should be able to check to see if ABS is fitted

Asked on 25 Jul 2008

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