There is a clicking noise from my front right wheel w...


There is a clicking noise from my front right wheel when I brake. I took it to the garage and they said it was because the wheel was hitting against the four wheel bolts when I brake, because a bolt that fixes the brake to the wheel bolt area is missing. is this likely to cause me problems? will the four wheel bolts be under too much stress? should i get the bolt hole bored onto the four bolt section, or am I worring about nothing? all there is at the moment is that cluncking sound when I brake. Cheers Colin


If there is a cluncking noise, this definately needs further investigation. Clicking or cluncking noise means that there is potentially something rubbing, and eventually it will rub through which could cause loss of brakes. I strongly suggest that you take the vehicle for further investigation, and a possible strip down, you cannot afford to ignore brake problems.

Asked on 23 Jul 2001

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